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Tony Barron - UK - Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Out on the Poppy Rally last weekend and Dominic reports that the Pace-Note Light you supplied us with was excellent.
Kind Regards - Tony

Michel Moers - Belgium - Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Hello, I have received the package today, thank you for your speedy delivery.
Thanks - Mick

Trevor Mc Connell - County Tyrone - Sunday, January 18th, 2013

Package arrived yesterday brilliant service again as always.
Thanks - Trevor Mc Connell

Trevor Mc Connell - County Tyrone - Sunday, November 4th, 2012

Don Barrow great on line shop service purchased few items on Tuesday arrived in Ireland on Thursday, so had weekend to get them up and running.
Trevor Mc Connell

Andy Dawson - Milton Keynes - Monday, October 8th, 2012

Stunning 108.78 MPG on the 2012 ALD Automotive-Shell FuelSave MPG Marathon in a Ford Fiesta ECOnetic 1.6 TDCi

Don Barrow - the Tripmeter was the dogs 'whatsits', easy to fit without any mods to Fords press car; so ARM (Andrew Marriot) was able to call me into all the slow bits with the minimum of fuel wasteage - I think I used the brakes 5 times in 385 miles - we were going over the main crests at 5mph.
Thanks for your help - Andy Dawson

Norman Quayle - Isle of Man - Saturday, September 15th, 2012
BR32 Clocks and M1 Average Speed Table book received, many thanks for prompt service. If i can be as prompt at the controls on 'The Rally of the Tests', it will be money well spent!
Norman Quayle

Jingers Jaunts (NZ) Ltd. - Monday, June 11th, 2012
This programme is a king! I know it is aimed at competitive events which we are not currently running. Having been involved with tulip type Roadbooks for decades and come across various styles, I can wholeheartedly recommend the ‘Don Barrow V4-C editor’ as the king of roadbook editors. Whether running competitive events or simple tours this program ensures clear accurate information is presented in a way even monkeys can comprehend! Your praises are sung throughout the hills and valleys of South Island! Anyway, I just want to thank you, I’m enjoying using it; it gives a professional finish. In the distant past I spent many weeks sitting next to John Brown while he made tulips for the events he ran and now I’m learning first-hand how important accurate notes are!
Regards, Mr Banana

Peter Fixell - 24 April 2012 - Sweden
Dear Don, I have just recieved the Tripmeter and all parts. Thank you for a swift and accurate delivery.
Best regards - Peter Fixell

Michael Hughes - 02 April 2012 - UK
Mr Don Barrow! Just like to say thanks for the past few years....I was introduced by my Old Man to a poti with your name on it (before it was nicked...along with his car) and when I finally started to sit in the silly seat my first purchase was a trusty DB poti. It has served me well, won a rally, lots of class awards, had some great laughs, illuminated various marshalls boards and also been been upside down a fair few times! Its never missed a beat and as I compete less and less my DB keeps Old Man is now back out playing in the historics and grinning! So thankyou for the fun and here is to many more drifts, slots and flat out crests.
Kind regards. Michael Hughes (Hughsie)

Valerie Moores - 01 January 2012 - UK
I just wanted to thank you again for arranging quick delivery of Memory Lanes Revisited, which I needed to have in good time as a Christmas present - and to say how very much the book appears to be appreciated. It has been described as the best present my friend can remember receiving for many years.
Regards, Valerie Moores

David Stoyles - 14 December 2011 - UK
Don, thank you for your advice & fantastic service, the Tripmeter & accessories arrived today in under 2 working days !
Many thanks, David Stoyles

Pre68 MURUA - 16 November 2011 - Spain
Don, We have made the road-book of our V Rally Pre68 MURUA with V4 Pro Tulip Road Book Editor and was fantastic and very easy to use. Great product.
Thanks Don

Ralph Lodge - 10 November 2011 - UK
Don, Amazing service. The Average Speed tables arrived at 10.00 this morning.
Thank you. Ralph.

Bernard Seneway - 05 October 2011 - USA
We use your V4 Tulip Road Book Editor as a cue sheet for club rides. Everybody likes the format; very easy for either "picture" or "written" preference navigators.
Thanks again for a great product, Bernie

Amittrajit Ghosh - 15 Sept 2011 - India
Thanks so much Don. I've just done a bit of work on your software (V4 Tulip Road Book Editor) and its simply awesome.
Regards, Amittrajit

Anthony Cohen - 7 February 2010 - UK
Many thanks for your prompt service - the Brantz arrived safely this morning less than 36 hours after I placed the order.
Regards, Anthony Cohen

Jonas Öhman - 5 Oct 2009 - Sweden
In a way the Pro - Tulip roadbook-editor helped me fullfil a dream. In March this year I was, alongside former top codriver Hans Sylvan, appointed to write regulations for stand alone Regularity Rallies in Sweden. As a result on October 3 I organized the first fully sanctioned Regularity Rally in addition to the legendary Midnight Sun Rally. Many of the competitors praised me for the accurate road-book and asked me how it was made - "with the help of Don Barrows Pro-Tulip Road Book Editor". I will come back for new versions and recommend everyone to do the same.
Best regards, Jonas Öhman

Costis D Louizos - 3 Oct 2008 - Greece
Your NEW PN2-38 Pacelight - it is really a great light !
White leds perfectly illuminate road book, while the red ones give sufficient and discrete illumination to the interior of car.
My congratulations for this excellent piece of innovation !
Kindest regards and many thanks.
Costis Louizos

Chris Roden - 21 Jan 2008 - UK
Just a quick note to let you know that the Mk 02 + map magnifier arrived safely on Saturday morning, as you said it should.
We were able to use it extensively on our recce over the weekend and couldn’t have managed without it.
Thanks for your prompt and efficient service.
Best regards, Chris Roden

Iason Fotopoulos - 01 July 2006 - Athens-Greece
Dear sir, I received my order on Monday and I want to thank you for the very fast delivery.
Thank you - Iason Fotopoulos

Manjeet Degun - 06 Jan 2006 - UK
Hello Don, just a quick note to say that I competed in the East African Safari Rally ( in December 2005 and we finished 26 out of 49 starters. We were car No. 38 (Peugeot 504 coupe - Hardev Singh Sira and Manjeet Singh Degun). I would have definitely struggled had I not been to your course last year. Total distance of the rally was approx. 4500Km of which 1800km were of competitive sections, and more importantly, we did not get lost even once.
Bye for now. Mit freundlichem Gruß / kind regards, Manjeet Degun

Dr Simon H. Parson - 22 September 2004 - University of Leeds
Dear Don, many thanks for the valuable tips that you gave my navigator Trevor and myself last month on your navigation course. We had a great time on the 16th Classic Marathon in Norway and managed an overall finish of equal 17th. We also won our class (up to 1300cc) and the 1st novice. We received several 0.00 in regularities, and picked up no lateness penalties. Just for the record, we held Fred Bent off for 3 days, and he only passed us to beat us by 1.04 on the last regularity.
Thanks again, Simon.

Thomas Voglar - 10 May 2004 - Austria
All parts arrived this morning!!!!!!....Thanks!!!!!!.....Let´s keep in thouch. I am happy that i bought the twinmaster by you!!!!!!
Thomas Voglar.

Stella Boyles, Rally Co-ordinator, Peugeot Sport UK - 30 January 2003 - Coventry
Dear Don,Since I have this opportunity, I would just like to say I’ve nearly hung up my Don Barrow light after many years of trusty service, but would like to add a thank you for adding so much fun getting to grips with maps! It’s a real shame that even stage rallies now have succumbed to the notes. (Mind you, I should have patented my “mouse hole” to put my hand inside – always lost the place without my finger on the spot!)
Regards, Stella Boyles

Tom Frost - 30 January 2003 - Portsmouth
Hello Don, Thanks very much for the supply of C5000 timers in 24 hours. Fantastic service! They work perfectly and are just what we needed (They will be used to time runners in my running clubs future racing events). The best aspect of them is the large digits and ease of operation . Great product.
Regards, Tom Frost, Liss Runners.

David Ford - 31 December 2002 - Warrington USA
Don, I received your shipment yesterday. Your book (M1 Average Speed tables) exceeded my expectations.
Regards, David Ford

Geraldine Bellew - 30 July 2002 - Greystones Equestrian Centre, Ireland
Dear Don, The clocks (C5000) arrived last week and we used them at the weekend for our 2 day event - with great success. I would just like to thank you for your efforts in getting our order to us so quickly and efficiently.
Regards, Geraldine Bellew

Dr John Upham - 15th April - 2002 - England
TJ wrote - Having borrowed a potti on the last road rally I did (and got on with it quite well), I've decided I'd like to splash out and get one (but I only want to make a small splash!). Can anyone recommend a good place to purchase such an item? I have checked the Don Barrow website and although these items look quite impressive (for a magnifying glass and a light bulb) they do seem to be a bit of an overkill and while 70 quid is not a fortune, I do have plenty of other things to spend the extra on. Something that magnifies and produces a nice white light will be more than adequate. Any suggestions?

Dr JU replied to TJ - I have had two "??", one "???" and two Don Barrow "pottis" (they are all map magnifiers). The "??" is no longer available (the lens is very difficult to source). I find "???" dreadful to use, the (Acrylic) lens is c*ap. They are cheap and that's it. There is no choice: DB Potti or nothing. My two penny worth for what it isn't.
Regards, JEU

Shon Gosling - 20th March 2002 - England
Hi Don, Just a line to congratulate you on your A to Z, it really is a first class exercise. No navigator should enter a rally without doing this first, it's very comprehensive and gives a real insight into what to expect. I am sure that it helped me on my first HRCR rally, the national B, Powderham Historic Rally of Devon. We came 17th and 2nd in class. Worth every penny.
Thanks, Shon Gosling.

Jacqes Querton - 27nd February 2002 - Belgium
Dear Don, I just receive the Retrotrip 2 and accessories ordered last Saturday and I would like to thank you very much for your prompt action.
Kind regards, Jacques.

20th February 2002 - Liem Boelli - Holland
Hello Don, Received the goods in perfect order to day (after 3 work days!). Great service. After driving around for some days, searching for good rally equipment, I want to say to everybody do not look further but order it by e-mail at Don Barrow's.
Thanks, Liem - The Hague - Netherlands.

5th February 2002 - Eustace Maniatis - Greece
Thank you for your prompt attention. Wish to let you know that I just received the diskette with the Tulip road book editor I had ordered previously and a fine product it is, well done. Eagerly awaiting the hardware thank you again

4th February 2002 - Simon Bertie-Roberts - Jersey
Hi Don, a quick mail to say thank you very much for your fast and efficient service, living in Jersey we are often told that something is in the post and a parcel eventually arrives 2 weeks later. I phoned my order through to you on the Wednesday and received the parcel on the Friday .......... once again thank you. Regards, Simon Bertie-Roberts.

18th January 2002 - Christian Edstrom - USA

Hi Don, I received my MK RB8 today and tested it. It works great, and I love the rheostat function. As you may know, most US performance rallies are run blind, so having the map magnifier will help tremendously. It's a very solid piece of kit; I'm looking forward to years of use out of it.
Cheers! - Christian, Christian Edstrom, Principal Consultant, Customer Acceleration Services, Corio, Inc.

4th December 2001 - David Homewood - France
Don, I did mean to congratulate you on your web site. Quite the best I've come across for ease of use and exceedingly well connected. David.

17th November 2001 - Paddy Hopkirk - England
Dear Don, Very nice website but I need a map magnifier that plugs into the cigar lighter socket. If you have this please send me 2 of the basic (02) models.
Yours sincerely, Paddy Hopkirk.

22nd October 2001 - Manuel Gonzalez - Spain
Dear Don, Few months ago, I bought a RetroTwin II and a Chronograph from your company, and I have installed them in my Audi 100 Coupe S. They work nice.
Last weekend we've got a third position (of 46 teams) in the Hipercor Rallye of the Challenge 2001 !!!
Best regards. Manuel Gonzalez, Computer People, Madrid.

15th October 2001 - Tony Ettlinger - UK
Don, Talk about fast service!! Many thanks - I have to say that our new pottie is outstanding, and we are really pleased with it. Look forward to continuing business with you. If I ever make the time I'll be up for a personal navigation course! Very best regards, Tony Ettlinger.

19th July 2001 - Jan Williams - (Post Card from Monte Carlo)
I promised to let you know how we got on.
We finished 'Prix des alpes' in 4th position out of 49 cars (using DB Average Speed tables) we also got the highest MGB award! Many thanks for all your help and advice. We found the 'NOW' method of calling, (Regularity as taught in my 1 day school) excellent and I am sure we would not have done so well without your course. Many thanks.

17th July 2001 - Roger Cope - Germany
Just to say thank you for sending my order so quickly. It was very well, not to say beautifully, packed and arrived complete and undamaged.

22nd June 2001 - Marcel Fruytier - The Netherlands
The Compass (COM) which we received was a wonderfull tool for us in the Tulip Rally. We managed to finish Second Overall and First in Class.
We need another Compass plus one to give as a present. I therefore would like to order two more Compasses.

5th June 2001 - Gerhard Zeinitzer - Austria
Congratulation to your perfect service. All the items, which I ordered last week, arrived already in Vienna!

5th May 2001 - Manuel Gonzalez - Spain
I have received this morning my order from the UK, so it has been quite fast.

10th November 2000 - Roy Hatfield - England
Much appreciated your helping my boys hopefully! in the right direction.

13th September 2000 - Dr John Upham - England
Matthew Fowle and I used your 'Cagelight'(CAG) to great effect on a Road Rally last weekend. We used it in conjunction with a Don Barrow Map magnifier. Anyway a nice light and please quote me if you wish (Sure will).

6th March 1985 - Ian Grindrod - England
Thanks so much for the DB Light (RB8) maximum publicity will be my main objective.
Is the Red bulb for use when navigating through 'seedy' areas?

19th December 1984 - Neil Wilson - England
You may recall you supplied me with one of your navigation lights (RB8) at the end of November this year, which I took with me to the United States, and I would like to say how much I appreciated this excellent facility which did, undoubtedly, help John Buffum and myself secure the rally championdhip ot the U.S.A.
I most certainly will recommend, whenever I can, the use of your navigation equipment to other co-drivers wherever I travel throughout the world.

13th December 1983 - D.O. - England
Don, you'll be interested to know that at the RAC Rally I sold B6s to Fred Gallagher, Arne Hertz and Fabrizia Ponz.

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