Don Barrow - Ecurie Cod Fillet ECF John Hopwood Roy Fidler

ECF Members attending Chris Wood's fund raising event, where Stuart Turner entertained 135 paying guests
Whalley Golf Club - 2014
L to R - Paul Wignall, Norman Grimshaw, John Clegg, Jane Wignall, Fred Bent, Don Barrow, Ted Worswick, Mike Wood
Chris Wood
David Fawcett (back) Alan Jolley, Chris Knowles-Fitton, Terry Hunter, Roy Mapple, Terry Harrison, Geoff Awde, Geoff Breakall & John Waddington
There a few at the back but they are too busy talking

ECF Members at Mick Briant's Motoring News Book launch
Northern Lights - Chatsworth 2013
L to R - Peter Bryant, Alan Jolley, David Fawcett, Cec Offley, Mike Wood & Don Barrow
PS. You've not had too many G&Ts, it's a bit out of focus

Fred Bent's Morecambe Car Club's 2012 'Diamond Run' - ECF Members
L-R Ronnie Sandham, Paul Wignall, Jane Wignall, Kevin Savage, Frank Fennel, John Vipond, Cal Withers, Tony Mason, Roy Mapple, Don Barrow, Arthur Senior, Tony Payne, Mike Wood, John Clegg, Bob Redhead, Fred Bent, Derek Pickup, Geoff Awde & Geoff Breakell

Presentation time at Chatsworth - Pic by Pauline Gullick
L to R - Björn Waldegård, Bob Bean, Mike Broad, Alan Jolley & Tony Mason

1962 - The Macclesfield Anglia's meeting the Yorkshire Mafia
This was a regular Hot Pot Supper meeting at the Flouch Inn, Pennistone in the 1960's - No scruffy T-Shirts here!
Clockwise, starting with the back of Steve Court, Roger Farmer, Chris Knowles-Fitton, Phil Simister, John Ashton, Norman Thomas, Jack Tordoff, Paul Malpass, Frank Grange, Reg McBride, Dave Ralphs (standing) & Roy Dixon - There are at least 5 Millionaires in the group - Obviously before the breathalyser days.

Macclesfield Anglia's - Manx Trophy Rally - 1964 - Departure
Photo overlooking Douglas harbour, Isle of Man
L-R - Bob Rigby, Roger Farmer, Gill Barrow, Barrie Potts, Yvonne Hylton, Imposter!, Paul Malpass (crouching), Frank Grange, Barbara Grange
Pam Robson, Graham Robson, Reg McBride & Phil Simister

This is what Eric Jackson thought of Don Barrow 'Singing in the Rain'

Not really - Just telling a good story

Barrie 'Whizzo' Williams & Peter Valentine
Entertaining the competitors at the
Finish of the 2013 Tour of Cheshire Rally
with another Tall Story of how
Peter won the Epsom Derby with 'Whizzo' riding pillion !

One of the unsung heroes of Rallying in the 1960s
ECF member David Barnet would turn up at the Start of every MN & major Rally to Marshal on his own.
He was knicknamed either the 'Gnome' or 'Yellow Belly'
I took this pic aboard a cross channel ferry when I spotted David.

1961 RAC Finish at Brighton
1-Unknown Lady, 2-Robin Richards?, 3-Paddy Hopkirk, 4-John Cuff, 6-Playing the piano David Siegle-Morris, 7-Unknown, 8-Unknown
Pic by - Mike Kemply

1961 RAC Finish at Brighton
1-Unknown, 2-Unknown, 3-David Skeffington (He's done the RAC since 1898 by the look of it) 4-John Cuff? 5-Unknown, 6-Unknown
Pic by - Mike Kempley

The two images below are reproduced with the kind permission of
Bob Chapman
who has created a vast spreadsheet listing everyone who competed in the MN Championship between 1961 - 1987.
Motoring News Championship 1961 - 1987 - Bob Chapman's definitive history of the top 40 Driver's and Navigator's individual points scored on every event

Certain years were scored down to the 15th (15 for a win) position and the others down to the 10th (10 for a win).
In order to create a comparison, Bob Chapman shows both scenarios below.
Motoring News Championship 1961 - 1987 - Bob Chapman's definitive history table of the number of wins of the top 31 Driver's and Navigator's

Some of the illustrious Past and Present Ecurie Cod Fillet members and a few assocciated members from the early 1950 era up to the current day.

This independant list compiled by Don Barrow from his original ECF members list does not verify that the names listed are current ECF members, some members lapsed their contact and were naturally 'signed off' - the list also includes members who are no longer with us but keep their names as ECF motor sport heroes.

Adrian Boyd, Alan Jolley, Alan Taylor, Alec Poole, Alison Woolley, Alun Rees, Andrew Cowan, Andrew Duerden, Andrew Haill, Andrew Hedges, Andrew Kellitt, Andrew Marriot, Andrew Whyte, Andy Dawson, Ann Bradshaw, Anna Goni, Anne Hall, Anne Wisdom, Ari Vatenen, Arne Hertz, Arthur Hobson, Arthur Ridy, Arthur Senior, Barrie Gill, Barrie 'Whizzo' Williams, Barry Potts, Basil Wales, Beatty Crawford, Bernard Banning, Bernard Barton, Bert Shankland, Bill Bengry, Bill Bleakley, Bill Gwynne, Bill Mellis, Bill Price, Bill Troughyear, Billy Coleman, Bjorn Waldergard, Bob Baxter, Bob Bean, Bob Goodchild, Bob Lamb, Bob Redhead, Bobbie Parkes GHF, Bobby Parkes - Eulogy, Bobby Willis, Bones O'Conner, Brian Coyle, Brian Culcheth, Brian Field, Brian Gillibrand, Brian Halliday, Brian Harper, Brian Harrocks, Brian Melia, Brian Snape, Brian Worsh, Bruce Moss, Carol Tyler-Morris, Carolyn Tyler-Morris, Ces Offley, Chris Belton, Chris Coburn, Chris Knowles-Fitton, Chris Lord, Chris Rothwell, Chris Sclater, Chris Wood, Christabel Carlisle, Colin Francis, Colin Goodhill, Colin Grewer, Colin Malkin, Colin McRae, Colin Taylor, Colin Wilson, D Brader, Dave Campion, David Campion Dave Lindsay, David Lindsay, Dave Orrick, David Orrick, Dave Ralphs, David Ralphs, Dave Richards, David Richards, Dave Whiteley, David Whiteley, Dave Whittock, David Whittock, David Cowan, David Fawcett, David Friswell, David Gawne, David Hiam, David 'Piggy' Thompson, David Pollard, David Seigle-Morris, David Skeffington, David Stone, David Sutton, David Thistlethwaite, David Williams, Den Green, Dennis Cardell, Derek Astle, Derek Hill, Derek McMahon, Derek Oldham, Derek Pickup, Derek Tucker, Derek Tye, Des O'Dell, Don Abrams, Don Barrow, Don Davidson, Don Griffiths, Don Grimshaw, Don Morley, Doug Baird, Duncan Measor, Ellen Morgan, Eric Jackson, Eric Newby, Erle Morley, Ernie Cole, Ernie Waldron, Eugen Bohringer, Frank Davies, Frank Grange, Frank Pierson, Frank Seddon, Frank Trickett, Fred Bent, Fred Gallagher, Gavin Frew, Geoff Allen, Geoff Awde, Geoff Breakell, Geoff Davies, Geoff Haggie, Geoff Halliwell, Geoff Mabbs, Geoff Parker, Geoff Whittaker, George Beever, George Hill, George Humble, Gerald Bloom, Gerry Burgess, Gerry Marshall, Gerry Philips, Gerry Ryan, GHF Parkes, Glyn Roberts, Gordon Birtwistle, Graham Birrell, Graham Robson, Gwyndaf Evans, Harold Brookes, Harold Harris, Harold Morley, Harold Watson, Harry Crowther, Henry Liddon, Hugh Bishop, Ian Grindrod, Ian Hall, Ian Jupp, Ian Norris, Ian Shapland, Jack Kemsley, Jack Sears, Jack Tordoff, Jackie Sutcliffe, Jan Churchill, Jane Bourne, Jane Wignall, Jari-Matti Latvala, Jean Denton, Baroness Denton of Wakefield, Jean-Jacques Thuner, Jeff Churchill, Jenny Birrell, Jenny Nadin, Jeremy Ferguson, Jerry Larsson, Jim Bullough - Eulogy, Jimmy Bullough, Jim Porter, Jim Tomlinson, Jim Youd, Jimmy Loxham, Jimmy McRae, Jimmy Ray, Jock Russell, John Bloxam, John Brown, John Buffum, John Clegg, John Cooper, John Cuff, John Curtis, John Daniels, John Davenport, John Edwards-Parton, John Foden, John Gretener, John Handley, John Haughland, John Henderson, John Heppenstall, John Hopwood, John King, John La Trobe, John McCartney, John Middleton, John Millington, John Nixey, John Parsons, John Richardson, John Seal, John Smethurst, John Sprinzel, John Taylor, John Vipond, John Waddington, John Wadsworth, John Whitehead, John Wood, Johnstone Syer, Jonathan Lord, Judith Jackson, Julian Bronson, Julian Chitty, Keith Binns Keith Oswin, Keith Wood, Ken James, Ken Mumford, Kevin Gormley, Kevin Savage, Lady Christabel Watson, Les Cowan, Les Needham, Liz Bentham, Logan Morrison, Louise Aitken-Walker, Malcolm Neill, Malcolm Wilson, Marcus Chambers, Mark Lovell, Martin Clarke, Martin Holmes, Martin Jubb, Martin Whittaker, Mick Linford, Mike Barker, Mike Broad, Mike Butler, Mike Doodson, Mike Greasley, Mike Hinde, Mike Hughes, Mike Kirkland, Mike Nicholson, Mike Offley, Mike Sones, Mike Stephens, Mike Sutcliffe, Mike Tullie, Mike Wilson, Mike Wood, Monty Karlan, Monty Peters, Murray Moreland, Neil Eason-Gibson, Neil Revington, Neil Wilson, Nick Brittain, Nick Papamichael, Nigel Harris, Nigel Raeburn, Nigel Rockey, Norman Brewitt, Norman Grimshaw, Norman Salt, Oliver Speight, Owen Sykes, Paddy Hopkirk, Pat Moss-Carlsson, Pat Ryan, Pat Spencer, Patrick Lichtensteiger, Patrick Russell, Paul Dennison, Paul Easter, Paul White, Paul Wignall, Pauline Gullick, Pennti Airikkala Per Eklund, Per Olof Rudh, Peter Allen, Peter Ashcroft, Peter Astbury, Peter Browning, Peter Bryant, Peter Clarke, Peter Cooper, Peter Craven, Peter Davies, Peter Foubister, Peter Harper, Peter Hilliard, Peter Procter, Peter Riley, Peter Roberts, Peter Rushforth, Peter Stayner, Peter Valentine, Peter Ward, Phil Collins, Phil Cooper, Phil Crabtree, Phil Short, Phil Simister, Randal Morgan, Rauno Aaltonen, Ray Crowther, Ray Dale Ray Sherratt, Raymond Baxter, Reg McBride, Rev Rupert Jones, Richard Binns, Richard Harper, Richard Hudson-Evans, Richard Martin-Hurst, Richard Morris, Rob Arthur, Rob Lyall, Robert Fearnall, Robin Hilliard, Robin Richards, Robin Turvey, Rod Cooper, Rodney Goodchild, Rodney McComb, Rodney Spokes, Roger Clark, Roger Evans, Roger Farmer, Roger Riley, Roger Scholes, Roger Sutcliffe, Ron Beecroft, Ron Crellin, Ron Gammons, Ron Wilson, Ronnie Sandham, Rosemary Smith, Ross Dunkerton, Roy Dixon, Roy Fidler, Roy Mapple, Roy Molyneaux, Russell Brookes, Russell Earnshaw, Saville Woolley, Shekha Mehta, Sir Peter Moon, Sir Stirling Moss, Stan Annis, Stan Williams, Stephen Turvey, Steve Broad, Stig Blomqvist, Stuart Collins, Stuart Gray, Stuart Pegg, Stuart Turner, Ted Worswick, Terry Harrison, Terry Harryman, Terry Hunter, Terry Kaby, Terry McBride, Timo Makinen, Tiny Lewis, Tom Bar-Smith, Tom Gold, Tom Paton, Tom Seal, Tom Threlfall, Tom Warburton, Toney Cox, Tony Ambrose, Tony Davies, Tony Dron, Tony Fall, Tony Fisher, Tony Goulding, Tony Greenwood, Tony Hennin, Tony Lanfranchi, Tony Mason, Tony Moy, Tony Newsum, Tony North, Tony Payne, Tony Pond, Tony Straker, Val Domleo, Val Harper, Val Morley, Vic Elford, Vicky Lincoln, Walter Rohrl, Will Sparrow, Willy Cave, Yvonne Smith, Yvonne Hilton,

Aaltonen Rauno, Abrams Don, Airikkala Pennti, Aitken-Walker Louise, Allen Geoff, Allen Peter, Allison Pat, Ambrose Tony, Annis Stan, Arthur Rob, Ashcroft Peter, Astbury Peter, Astle Derek, Awde Geoff, Baird Doug, Banks Warwick, Banning Bernard, Barker Mike, Barrow Don, Bar-Smith Tom, Barton Bernard, Baxter Bob, Baxter Raymond, Bean Bob, Beecroft Ron, Beever George, Belton Chris, Bengry Bill, Bent Fred, Bentham Liz, Billstam Claes, Bilton John, Binns Keith, Binns Richard, Birrell Graham, Birrell Jenny, Birtwistle Gordon, Bishop Hugh, Bleakley Bill, Bloom Gerald, Blomqvist Stig, Bloxam John, Bohringer Eugoin, Bourne Jane, Boyd Adrian, Bradshaw Ann, Breakell Geoff, Brewitt Norman, Brittain Nick, Broad Mike, Broad Steve, Bronson Julian, Brookes Russell, Brooks Harold, Brown John, Browning Peter, Bryant Peter, Buffum John, Bullough Jim - Eulogy, Burgess Gerry, Butler Mike, Cabena Dave, Campion Dave, Cardell Dennis, Carlisle Christobell, Carlsson Eric, Carol Tyler, Carolyn Tyler-Morris, Cave Willy, Chambers Marcus, Chitty Julian, Churchill Jan, Churchill Jeff, Clark Judy, Clark Roger, Clarke Martin, Clarke Peter, Clegg John, Coburn Chris, Cole Ernie, Coleman Billy, Collins Phil, Collins Stuart, Cooper John, Cooper Peter, Cooper Phil, Cooper Rod, Cowan Andrew, Cowan Les, Cox Toney, Coyle Brian, Crabtree Phil, Craven Peter, Crawford Beatty, Crellin Ron, Crowther Harry, Crowther Ray, Cuff John, Culcheth Brian, Curtis John, Dale Ray, Daniels John, Davenport John, Davidson Don, Davies Frank, Davies Geoff, Davies Peter, Davies Tony, Dawson Andy, Deeley Roger, Dennison Paul, Denton - Baroness of Wakefield, Denton Jean, Dixon Roy, Domleo Val, Doodson Mike, Dron Tony, Duerden Andrew, Dunkerton Ross, Earnshaw Russell, Eason-Gibson Neil, Easter Paul, Edwards-Parton John, Eklund Per, Elford Vic, Evans Gwyndaf, Evans Roger, Fall Tony, Farmer Roger, Fawcett David, Fearnall Robert, Fennell Frank, Ferguson Jeremy, Fidler Roy, Field Brian, Fisher Pat, Fisher Tony, Foden John, Foubister Peter, Francis Colin, Frew Gavin, Friswell David, Gallagher Fred, Gammons Ron, Gawne David, Gill Barrie, Gillibrand Brian, Gold Tom, Goni Anna, Goodchild Bob, Goodchild Rodney, Goodhill Colin, Gormley Kevin, Goulding Tony, Grange Frank, Grant John, Gray Stuart, Greasley Mike, Green Den, Greenwood Tony, Gretener John, Grewer Colin (Desperate Dan Grewer), Griffiths Don, Grimshaw Don, Grimshaw Norman, Grindrod Ian, Grist Nicky, Gullick Pauline, Gwynne Bill, Haggie Geoff, Haill Andrew, Hall Anne, Hall Ian, Halliday Brian, Halliwell Geoff, Handley John, Hanson Neil, Harper Brian, Harper Peter, Harper Prissy, Harper Richard, Harper Val, Harris Harold, Harrison Terry, Harrocks Brian, Harryman Terry, Haughland John, Hedges Andrew, Henderson John, Hennin Tony, Heppenstall John, Hertz Arne, Hirvonen Mikko, Hiam David, Higgins Mark, Hill Derek, Hill George, Hilliard Peter, Hilliard Robin, Hilton Yvonne, Hinde Mike, Hobson Arthur, Holmes Martin, Hopkirk Paddy, Hopwood Anne, Hopwood John, Horton John, Hudson-Evans Richard, Hughes Mike, Humble George, Hunter Terry, Jackson Eric, Jackson Judith, Jacques Thuner Jean, Jago John, James Ken, Jenny Nadin, Jolley Alan, Jones Rev Rupert, Jubb Martin, Jupp Ian, Kaby Terry, Karlan Monty, Kellitt Andrew, Kemsley Jack, King John, Kirkham Dave, Kirkland Mike, Knowles-Fitton Chris, La Trobe John, Lady Christabel Watson, Lamb Bob, Lampinen Simo, Lanfranchi Tony, Larsson Jerry, Latvala Jari-Matti, Lewis Tiny, Lichtensteige Patrick, Liddon Henry, Lincoln Vicky, Lindsay Dave, Linford Mick , Lord Chris, Lord Jonathan, Lowrey Margaret, Lovell Mark, Loxham Jimmy, Lyall Rob, Mabbs Geoff, Makinen Timo, Malkin Colin, Mapple Roy, Marriot Andrew, Marshall Gerry, Martin-Hurst Richard, Mason Tony, McBride Reg, McBride Terry, McCartney John, McComb Rodney, McMahon Derek, McRae Colin, McRae Jimmy, Measor Duncan, Mehta Shekha, Mehta Yvonne, Melia Brian, Mellis Bill, Middleton John, Mikkola Hannu, Millington John, Mills Phil, Molyneaux Roy, Moon Sir Peter, Moreland Murray, Morgan Ellen, Morgan Randal, Morley Don, Morley Erle, Morley Harold, Morley Valerie, Morris Richard, Morrison Logan, Moss Bruce, Moss Pat, Moss Sir Stirling, Moss-Carlsson Pat, Moy Tony, Mumford Ken, Nadin Jenny, Nash Chris, Nedin Peter, Needham Les, Neill Malcolm, Newby Eric, Newsum Tony, Nicholson Mike, Nixey John, Norris Ian, North Tony, O'Conner Bones, O'Dell Des, Offley Ces, Offley Mike, Oldham Derek, Olof Rudh Per, Orrick Dave, Oswin Keith, Palm Gunner, Papamichael Nick, Parker Geoff, Parkes GHF Bobbie, Parkes Bobby - Eulogy, Parsons John, Paton Tom, Payne Tony, Pegg Stuart, Perez Steve, Peters Monty, Philips Gerry, Pickersgill Mike, Pickup Derek, Pierson Frank, Pollard David, Pond Tony, Poole Alec, Porter Jim, Potts Barry, Price Bill, Proctor Peter, Raeburn Nigel, Ralphs Dave, Ray Jimmy, Redhead Bob, Rees Alun, Revington Neil, Reynolds Charles, Richards Dave, Richards Robin, Richardson John, Ridy Arthur, Riley Ann, Riley Peter, Riley Roger, Roberts Glyn, Roberts Peter, Robson Graham, Rockey Nigel, Rohrl Walter, Rothwell Chris, Rushforth Peter, Russell Jock, Russell Patrick, Ryan Gerald, Ryan Pat, Salt Norman, Sandham Ronnie, Savage Kevin, Scholes Roger, Sclater Chris, Seal John, Seal Tom, Sears Jack, Seddon Frank, Seigle-Morris David, Seigle-Morris Susan, Senior Arthur, Shankland Bert, Shapland Ian, Sherratt Ray, Short Phil, Simister Phil, Skeffington David, Smethurst John, Smith Pat, Smith Rosemary, Smith Yvonne, Snape Brian, Solberg Petter, Sones Mike, Sparrow Will, Speight Oliver, Spence Duncan, Spencer Pat, Spokes Rodney, Sprinzel John, Stayner Peter, Stephens Mike, Stone David, Straker Tony, Sutcliffe Jackie, Sutcliffe Mike, Sutcliffe Nina, Sutcliffe Roger, Sutton David, Sutton Jill, Syer Johnstone, Sykes Owen, Taylor Alan, Taylor Colin, Taylor John, Thistlethwaite David, Thomas Brian, Thompson David 'Piggy', Threlfall Tom, Thuner Jean-Jacques, Tomlinson Jim, Tordoff Jack, Trickett Frank, Troughyear Bill, Tucker Derek, Tullie Mike, Turner Stuart, Turvey Robin, Turvey Stephen, Tye Dere, Tyler Carol, Tyler-Morris Carol, Tyler-Morris Carolyn, Tyson Malcolm, Valentine Peter, Vatenen Ari, Vipond John, Waddington John, Wadsworth John, Waldegård Björn, Waldron Ernie, Wales Basil, Warburton Tom, Ward Peter, Watson Harold, Watson Lady Christabel, Whitaker Martin, White Paul, Whitehead John, Whiteley Dave, Whittaker Geoff, Whittock Dave, Whizzo' Williams Barrie, Whyte Andrew, Wignall Jane, Wignall Paul, Williams Barrie 'Whizzo', Williams David, Williams Stan, Willis Bobby, Wilson Colin, Wilson Malcolm, Wilson Mike, Wilson Neil, Wilson Ron, Wisdom Ann, Withers Cal, Wood Chris, Wood John, Wood Keith, Wood Mike, Wooldridge Richard, Woolley Alison, Woolley Saville, Worsh Brian, Worswick Ted, Youd Jim, Young Philip,

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