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Cockpit Lighting units for reading Notes & Tulip Road Books at night Red or White LED COCKPIT LIGHTS reading info at night time Cockpit Light units for reading Average Speed Tables during darkness

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Rally Navigation
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Cockpit Lights CL2 Red and White by Don Barrow can be used for reading Pacenotes Average Speed Tables with little light spillage in the cockpit lamp UK
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Don Barrow - Cockpit Lights & Average Speed Table Lighting
Attach Direct to your Roll Cage

Item 03 CL2 £72.95

Rally COCKPIT LIGHTS for reading notes at night Cockpit Lighting for reading notes in darkness Rally Co-Driver Cockpit Light

The best Navigators Lighting unit Attaches directly to your Roll Cage
Ideal for Regularity Lighting No Shaking - No Dithering
The best WRC Co-Drivers Light unit 4 Sizes 32 - 38 - 45 - 50 mm dia
The best Co-Drivers Lights unit 2 Mega Bright LED lights
Co-Drivers Lighting unit Switch 1 RED or 1 White
Navigators Cockpit Lighting unit With 3 Way On-Off-On Switch

3 Way Switch
Don Barrow -
Don Barrow -

Cockpit Light

CL2 brings on either the RED or WHITE LEDs separately, giving a powerful output for reading Tulip Road Books, Average Speed Tables or for Plot & Bash when Plotting Map References on the move.

Preferred Co-Drivers Interior Roof Light unit for Average Speed Tables NO Dithering NO Shaking
Buy Cockpit Light Direct for the Best Price NO light spillage in the cockpit
Recommended Co-Drivers Lighting unit 4 Roll Cage Diameter Sizes
Recommended Interior Cockpit Lighting unit To Fit - 32 - 38 - 45 - 50 mm
Recommended Navigators Lighting unit Choice of Bulb configuration
Best Co-Drivers Lighting unit 2 Mega Bright LED Bulbs
Best Co-Drivers Light unit Includes Flex, Switch & Connectors
Ultra Co-Drivers Rally Cockpit Lighting unit Only 92 mm long
Best Co-Drivers Cockpit Light Lightweight 84 Grams
Cockpit Co-Drivers Lighting unit Operates on 12 Volts
Interior Co-Drivers Light Easy to Install
Cockpit Lighting Choice of Red or White LEDs
Roll Cage Co-Drivers Lighting unit Ideal for reading Rally Notes
Ideal Co-Drivers Lighting unit Ideal for reading Average Speed Tables
Favourite Co-Drivers Lighting unit Ideal for reading Tulip Road Books

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Don Barrow the 'King of the Navigators' [Eric Bailey - Motoring Correspondent - The Daily Telegraph 16/12/95]

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Don Barrow the 'King of the Navigators' [Eric Bailey - Motoring Correspondent - The Daily Telegraph 16/12/95]

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