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Don Barrow Average Speed Tables in MPH or KPH

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Q & A - - Why so many pages ? - Why are there 9 page increments for every Speed ?

Supposing you have meticulously set your Tripmeter to the organisers test distance and you reckon your Tripmeter is 100% correct.
Then on the first Regularity section which is run at 30 mph, you arrive at the first ITC (Intermediate Timing Point, which is at 6.50 Miles @ 30mph = 13m:00s) where you reckon you are exactly 'Spot On' time, then you find that you have been penalised 15 seconds early.

Something must be wrong ! - You need to run a little slower - Not all organisers get their measured sections 'Spot On'.

So to quickly rectify the problem, you check the adjacent pages of your 30 mph page and you find that by using page 29.40 mph, where it shows at 6.50 Miles = 13m:16s (13m:16s is the nearest to 13m:15s for 6.5 miles) - Therefore you downgrade each and every speed specified by the organisers by 2.00%.

Hey Presto - A quick fix solution - However you can only do this if you have the Don Barrow professional option of speed increments !

Item 01 M1 £31.50

M1 - MPH Average Speed Tables
200 Pages of 10 - 40 MPH
95,700 Calculations per Book
00.00 to 49.99 Miles in Distance


Spiral Wire Bound A4 Size
Allows Pages to Fold Flat
Simply Read like a Book
Professional Speed Tables
1 Speed per Page
Red Books Miles per Hour
Timed at Every 1/10th Mile
With page Increments of 00.1 mph
Blue Books Klm per Hour
Timed at Every 2/10 per Klm
With page Increments of 00.1 kph
Absolutely Essential to Win
Time Speed Distance TSD
Correction Factor Calculations
Conversion Charts & Tips
For reading Average Speed Tables

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Don Barrow the 'King of the Navigators' [Eric Bailey - Motoring Correspondent - The Daily Telegraph 16/12/95]

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Don Barrow the 'King of the Navigators' [Eric Bailey - Motoring Correspondent - The Daily Telegraph 16/12/95]

© 1999 - Copyright Don Barrow

Want to improve your Regularity skills? - Regularity Sections require a Maximum effort from both crew members, with NO small talk to upset the ultimate concentration levels required. As with any other sport, 'practise makes perfect' so make sure you are both on song before starting your next event.

The DB system of Regularity, whether you are simply using a Speedometer distance recorder, Halda or an Electronic device, is the most accurate because it is self regulating. The work load is split between both Navigator and Driver thus lightening the Navigators job greatly. What's more the Driver has an instantaneous early or late warning if they are not spot on Time.

This system is described in great detail in ALL my Average Speed table books, please read it, please try it, please use it, you will be astounded at how accurate you can perform.