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Don Barrow 1:50,000 Super Romer Laser Cut with great accuracy and precise markings on sturdy plastic designed for plotting map references on 1,50,000 scale Landranger Maps Don Barrow Romer the Best sometimes called a Roamer UK
Don Barrow - 1:50,000 Super Romer
Used by Navigators for Plotting Map Refences onto 1:50,000 Scaled Maps

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Item 02 DBR
Superior Clean Cut Laser Accuracy

1:50,000 Romer Rally romer Navigation Romers Navigator Roamer Navigate with Romers Navigators Roamer Navigators 1:50,000 Scale Romer 1'50'000 Scaled Romers 1'50,000  Romer Scale 1,50,000 Romer we don't sell basic Roamer, is it called a Don Barrow Super Romer or a Roamer

See who invented the Romer
Roamer or Romer

Don Barrow Super 1:50,000 Romer Features

My original Pear Drop Design for
Speed Plotting

Navigate with a Don Barrow Super Romer, how to use a map romer card, how to use a map roamer card Navigate with a Don Barrow Super Romer Budget priced 1:50,000 Romers use Navigating Romers BIG BOLD Numbers for EASY Plotting
Navigate with a Super Don Barrow Romer, Map reading Romer Budget priced 1:50,000 Romers use Navigating Romers Heavy Grade Plastic similar to Debit Cards
Navigate with a Don Barrow Super Romer, Map reading Romer Budget priced 1:50,000 Romers use Navigating Romers Non-reflective - Matt finish
Navigating with a 1:50,000 Romer which is the most popular Navigators Romer Only one Scale to concentrate on
Don Barrow does not sell Roamers - Only sells Romers - plotting 6 figure map references - plotting 8 figure map references No others to distract or confuse you
Navigators Don Barrow Romers for Scatter Rallying and 12 car rally Holes for Plotting Quiet Zones
Romers for Scatter Rallying And Plotting (OOB's) Out of Bounds
Romers for Scatter Rallying 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m, 500m Radii
Plotting Map References with a Don Barrow Romer on Plot & Bash All the main Compass Points
Plot & Bash Rallying with a good Romer is easy with a Don Barrow Super Romer Simple outer edge measuring Scales
Plot & Bash Romer for Rallying with the best Romer In both Miles & Kilometres
Plot & Bash Rally's with a Romer Extra hole to attach a cord, which then
Romers are used for Plotting Map References on Historic Road Rallies Hangs the Romer for instant use
When plotting the Romer cannot be confused with any other Scales because it's plain and simple for speedy use Size 77mm x 77mm

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1 x Super Romer -1:50,000 Scale - £6.99
2 x Super Romers 1:50,000 Scale £13.49

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Motoring News Rally Champion 1963 ~ 1964 ~ 1967 ~ 1970 RAC Rally Champion 1967
BTRDA Gold Star Rally Champion 1970 BTRDA Silver Star Rally Champion 1962 ~ 1963 ~ 1967

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Don Barrow 1:50,000 Super Romer