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Terratrip Calibration Instructions

Terratrip Calibration Instructions Terratrip 202+ and 303+


1.             Set calibration to 0100


To do this:

        Press CAL button the current calibration is displayed

        Press CAL SET button within 3 seconds. This allows you to change the calibration.

        Enter 0100 using the numeric keypad (small red numbers)

        If you make a mistake, press the upper CLR button and enter 0100 again

        To store 0100 as the calibration, press the lower CLR button.


2. Determine the correct calibration number


The calibration number is simply the number of pulses received by the Terratrip from the probe per Kilometre or mile if you want mileage readout.


Zero distance displays - Press the DIS button to display distance, press the upper CLR button for 5 seconds to zero the top (total) distance and press the lower CLR button to (immediately) zero the lower (interval) distance.


Drive over a measured Kilometer. You will finish up with a distance recorded on the Terratrip after travelling the measured kilometer. (Since we started with a calibration of 100, the actual distance recorded is the calibration number required see following).


Say that the actual reading on the Terratrip is 24.56. This is 24.56 times the distance travelled (1 Kilometer), which means the Terratrip received 24.56 times the number of pulses over the Kilometer than was originally set as the calibration.


To calculate the correct calibration figure, you need to multiply the original calibration by, in this case, 24,56.


100 x 24.56 = 2456


Set the calibration to 2456 (using the same method you used above to set it to 0100) and the Terratrip will be calibrated.


The Terratrip 202+ and 303+ have provision for two calibrations, which can be useful in some applications but also confusing.


Initially, it is best to set both calibrations to the same figure.


To set the second calibration to the same value as the first,


        Press CAL twice the first number you see is the first calibration (CAL 1) and the second number is the second calibration (CAL 2).

        Press CAL SET, type in the required calibration

        Press the lower CLR button to store this value in CAL 2


You can check that both CAL values are the same by pressing CAL twice and verifying that the same number is displayed each time.

Terratrip Distance Displays Terratrip 202+ and 303+


Press DIS to display the Total Distance on the top display and the Interval Distance on the lower display.


The +/- button allows the Terratrip to count up or down on both displays.


The Probe 1/0/2 switch allows the selection of Probe 1 or Probe 2 (if fitted), and also allows the Terratrip distance recording to be temporarily stopped while the vehicle is being driven Probe 0 setting. The current Probe being used is shown on the Terratrip display.


Typically, you would use the Interval Distance display to measure the distance between two points within a section, and the Total Distance to keep track of the Total Distance travelled in a Section.


The Interval Distance is usually reset to zero (press the lower CLR button) after each point is reached.


In some cases it is required to preset a distance in the Total Distance display.


This is done as follows:

        Press DIS SET the Total Distance is displayed as 0.00 (or 0.000)

        Enter the distance required, including all decimal points

        Press the lower CLR button to store this distance in the Total Distance display

        If you make a mistake while entering the distance, press the upper CLR button


To clear the Total Distance display, press the upper CLR button for 5 seconds this delay is to prevent the display being accidentally cleared.


The Interval Distance is cleared the moment the lower CLR button is pressed.


FRZ (Freeze) Button


This button when pressed freezes both the distance displays and internally zeroes the Interval Display just as would pressing the Interval Display CLR button.


When the FRZ button is pressed again,

        Total Distance resumes where it would have been if the FRZ was not pressed

        Interval Distance shows the distance travelled since the FRZ button was pressed


This function is extremely useful when the distance from one point to another is required to be measured, but avoids having to stop the vehicle at the second point to record the exact distance.


Terratrip Time Displays Terratrip 303+ only


Press TIME to display the Time of Day (hh:mm:ss) on the top display and a Stopwatch on the lower display.


To set the Time of Day display:


        Press TIME SET

        Enter the time required as hh:mm, i.e. 0730 or 2250.

        Press the lower CLR button to store this time in the Terratrip

        If you make a mistake while entering the Time, press the upper CLR button


The Stopwatch is worked by means of the lower CLR button, and works in the same way as a normal stopwatch, i.e.


        Press lower CLR to start stopwatch

        Once stopwatch is running, press lower CLR to freeze stopwatch stopwatch continues to count

        Press lower CLR again to resume current stopwatch time The freeze and resume cycle can be repeated as many times as required

        To zero stopwatch, press lower CLR for 3 seconds


On Terratrip 303+, the Average speed is calculated from the time that the stopwatch is started, so it is important to start the stopwatch the moment the vehicle starts a section where the average speed is required.

Advanced Terratrip Functions Terratrip 303+ only


TSD button


The TSD (Time Speed Distance) button allows combinations of different displays to be shown.


In some combinations, displays which were on the lower display in their native mode (ie. TIME and DIS) are shown on the top display, and in this case, the top CLR button will function exactly the same as the lower CLR button would in the native mode. An example of this is the Stopwatch display.


When the TSD button is first pressed, the displays in TSD 1 are shown.


To move to other combinations, press TSD again for 3 seconds.


The cycle is TSD 1, TSD 2, TSD 3, TSD 4 and then TSD1 etc.


The following table shows the various combinations of displays:


TSD Mode

Top display

Lower Display


Stopwatch (use upper CLR)

Interval Distance (use lower CLR)


Time of Day

Interval Distance (use lower CLR)


Total Distance (use upper CLR)

Actual Speed (kph)


Average Speed

Interval Distance (use lower CLR)


Note that Average Speed is zeroed whenever the Stopwatch is zeroed or the FRZ (freeze) button is pressed.


Terratrip Reset All Models


In some rare cases, the Terratrip may freeze and not operate correctly.


To re-initialise the Terratrip (calibration will not be lost):


        Turn OFF the unit

        Hold FRZ button down

        Turn ON unit while holding down FRZ button

        Release FRZ button